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From Westcrowns to ig Glass Group

We have changed our Group brand from the Westcrowns Group to the ig Glass Group to reinforce the ig mark of quality both within and out with our organisations.

Trusted Partner

The ig Glass Group has developed a unique role within the UK glass industry, providing specialist products and services to all levels of the flat glass value chain. These relationships have been developed over many years, based on a foundation of trust, reliability and quality.

The flat glass value chain

Man holding glass and glass flooring

Our People Asset

The ig Glass Group’s key asset is its people with over 275 experienced and multi-skilled employees within the business. Internal and external training programmes, plus on site learning, have built adaptable and agile skill sets, creating high staff retention, excellent length of service (average 12 years) and career progression opportunities.

Our Market Offering

Our market offering relies on three key elements.

  1. From our 4 custom designed production sites, the ig Glass Group delivers the desired specialist glass processing capabilities to our customers, constantly adapting our state of the art production equipment and techniques to meet the changing needs of the market.
  2. Our strong and long standing relationships with the 4 main European glass manufacturers have enabled the ig Glass Group to become the primary merchant for the widest variety of glass stock types within the industry.
  3. The final element of the ig Glass Group offering is our commitment to fast and flexible delivery of our product. Our aim is to deliver in days not weeks to meet our customers’ diverse delivery needs.
Trucks and stacked glass

Our Relationship Concept

We have learned that building long term relationships with our customers and suppliers benefit all over the long term. This basic concept has been fundamental in the successful development of the ig Glass Group, creating the collaborative knowledge, expertise and technology to enable us to effectively operate within our key market sectors. To emphasise this concept, we maintain over 85% recurring revenue with our 700+ customers, while we provide repeat business with over 90% of our 200+ suppliers.

Investing in our Future

Our 150 years of glass industry knowledge combined with over 35 years of glass processing experience have developed the foresight to continually invest in our future. This investment aims to achieve the ideal combination of state of the art equipment, cutting edge skill-sets and high performance product ranges to meet the ever changing needs of the market and our customers.

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