With over 150 years of experience and 4 generations of experiences, the business has developed from a small family painting and glazing contractor, located near the shipyards in south west Glasgow, into a national glass processing & merchanting organisation. Today, from the 150,000 sqft of our 4 custom designed production sites, the ig Glass Group delivers specialist glass processing capabilities to all levels of the flat glass value chain. Our aim is to constantly adapt and invest in our state of the art production processes, highly trained skill-sets and extensive product ranges to meet the challenging and changing needs of the market.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has always been to learn from our past; deliver value in the present; and invest in our future. It has been our ability to learn from past successes and failures, to recognise there is always a better or different way, that has allowed us to continually improve and perfect our market offering today. This approach has been profitable, which in turn has funded the opportunity to invest in the advanced capabilities needed by the organisation for a successful future.

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Our core values

How we run our business:

Integrity - We value our reputation and continually enhance it by being ethical and professional in everything we do and say

Family - We assist our people to fulfil their aspirations and develop commitment and respect at all levels of the business

Improvement - We continually challenge the status quo to become the best at what we do

Co-operation - We build long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers for our mutual benefit

Our History

The Haran Family, 1873 to 1973

The Haran Family, 1873 to 1973


William Haran, Founder

One of 9 children, William starts the family painting and glazing business , J & W Haran, with his younger brother John in 1873. Located in Crookston Street, Kingston, Glasgow the business serves the local community and housing factors in the south side of Glasgow, providing painting and glazing services.


Janet Haran, the hard working wife

Husband and founder William steps back from the daily operation of the family business, and William's wife Janet takes over the reins.


Sons, John & William join the family business

Both boys leave school at an early age (John is only 12 years old!) and join the family business. Both celebrate the investment in new technology - a Chater Lee motor cycle and side car - which reduces the reliance on wheelbarrows to carry glass.


1st World War

William is called up for active duty and serves 3 years in France with long periods on the Somme. He returns home on sick leave with trench foot, however is returned to the front lines by the Military Police after he is found working for the family business.


2nd World War

While Glasgow is targeted by the Luftwaffe, the business is contracted to repair bomb damage to the Glasgow shipyards. However in 1940, William is arrested as a spy for sketching the glazed roof of the British Polar Engineering factory. Thankfully William is released that same evening when the factory manager explains the situation.


John’s son Ian joins the business

After completing his national service within the RAF, Ian joins the family business. And with his father and uncle still running the company, Ian is put on the tools to learn his future trade. In 1965, after 10 years in the business, Ian takes over as managing director and uses his entrepreneurial skills to expand the customer base and range of services.


The Centenary

Attended by 3 generations of the Haran family, including 90 year old chairman John Haran, the family business celebrates its centenary. The business has now expanded into one of the most prominent glazing contractors & glass merchants in the West of Scotland and has launched associated companies to provide additional products and services to their customer base.

The Westcrowns Group, 1987 to 2002


The Westcrowns Group is formed

To create a stronger financial organisation, J & W Haran Ltd and the associated family businesses are restructured to form the Westcrowns Group of companies. The combined strength of this new organisation enables the launch of Independent Glass Company Limited (ig), our boldest investment to date, developed and led by John Devine Senior, to provide glass merchanting services to the glazing trade companies within Scotland.


The 4th generation

Ian Haran's children join the family business. Fraser, a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, and Lindsay, a Chartered Accountant, join the business as the 4th generation of the Haran family within the organisation. And similar to their father and grandfather before them, they both learn the business from the bottom up.


Ian Haran MBE

Ian Haran is awarded his MBE by Queen Elizabeth II for his services to the Scottish construction industry. The Westcrowns Board is restructured with Ian moving to Chairman and Fraser taking over as Chief Executive. They are joined on the Board by Lindsay Haran and John Devine Senior, who collectively form the leadership for the Westcrowns Group.


The ig Business, 1990 to 2023



Development of tempering and glass processing services

The ig business’s first major investment was to develop their new tempering and glass processing facility within Glasgow. This facility was created to meet the growing customer demand for processed safety glass within the housebuilding and home improvement sectors. As this market sector continued to grow, further investment into new processing capabilities was undertaken within the other existing ig facilities.


Development of glass laminating services

With the increasing legislative and industry requirement for laminated safety glass products, the ig business invested in a new laminating/glass processing facility in Mansfield. This new state of the art facility also provided a base for growing geographical markets in the midlands and south of England.


Development of heavy architectural glass processing

The next major investment programme was to meet the market need for highly processed large glass panels for the architectural building envelope sector. A new facility was developed to provide large panel handling, processing and tempering. In addition, a new digital printing capability was also created to offer unique digital printing options to the market.


Development of new market opportunities

Following the Group’s involvement in meeting our and our customers essential work requirements during the Covid pandemic, the ig business has developed new product/service offerings to meet market opportunities within the digital display, transportation and glass recycling market sectors.

Our ESG Approach