Unique person amongst a crowd

Introduction – Standing out from the crowd

The ig Glass Group has developed a unique role within the UK glass industry, providing specialised products and services to all levels of the flat glass value chain.

Our trading relationships have been developed and maintained over many years, as we recognise that building long term sustainable relationships with our customers and suppliers benefit all over the long term. This basic concept has been fundamental in the successful development of our organisation from its inception.

Our ability to proactively create collaborative knowledge, expertise and technology with our trading partners clearly differentiates our market offering within the industry.

Our Customers

The ig Glass Group work with global, national, regional and local customers within the following market sectors:

We currently maintain 85% recurring trade with our existing customer base, some of whom we have traded with for over 30 years.

Commercial and architectural
Housebuilding and home improvement
Transport – automotive, rail and marine
Advertising and digital screens
Interior design, furniture and art installations
Glass recycling

Our Suppliers

Primary manufacturers – Our longstanding trading relationships with the primary global glass manufacturers span over 30 years.  These relationships have been built upon the foundations of trust, collaboration and creating value for both parties.

Trade suppliers – Our aim is to have long term, mutually beneficial trading relationships with our key supplier partners, which has ensured we maintain our quality, efficiency and service deliverables to the market.

Our Capabilities

The ig Glass Group continually invest in, develop and adapt our glass merchanting and processing capabilities to ensure the customers’ changing needs are always met:

  • Stock management and merchanting services
  • Cutting and shaping
  • Processing – specialist cutting, edge finishing, drilling and cut outs.
  • Tempering and heat strengthening
  • Laminating
  • Digital and screen printing
  • Decorative and Sandblasting finishes

For further information, please visit our trading information website : www.independentglass.co.uk

Our Service Offering

The final element of the ig Glass Group offering is our commitment to fast and flexible delivery of our product. Our aim is to deliver in days not weeks to meet our customers’ diverse delivery needs. Whether it is small quantities or full floatliners; site or own premises; or local, national or international, our own fleet of vehicles and our experienced transport team will ensure delivery dates are met.